Latest Govt Jobs In Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department, Lahore – PSHD Jobs 2024

Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department, Lahore announced jobs for various jobs positions in “Daily Express” newspaper dated 16th of Jan 2024. The all vacancies in Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department, Lahore are government based and PPS Scale based jobs. The vacancies in Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department, Lahore are from PPS Scale 01 to PPS Scale 11.

There are job vacancies in Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department, Lahore are referral management associate, referral management consultant, meal associate, environment social safeguard specialist, pfm associate, project director, data management specialist, procurement specialist, communication specialist, procurement associate, financial management specialist, output based budgeting consultant, monitoring evaluation learning specialist, quality management specialist and healthcare management specialist. Different qualification criteria is required for these jobs such as Masters, MBA, MBBS, CA, ACCA etc. for jobs in PSHD Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department, Lahore. The candidates who are eligible for these jobs can apply through the electronic platform www.nts, by paying specific fee as per generated challan by NTS website. The deadline for application submission for jobs in Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department, Lahore is 8th Feb, 2024.

Information Table:

Job Responsibilities:

  • Referral Management Associate:
    • Coordinate and manage patient referrals efficiently.
    • Collaboration with healthcare providers for seamless patient transitions.
  • Referral Management Consultant:
    • Develop strategies to optimize the referral process.
  • Meal Associate:
    • Oversee meal planning and distribution in healthcare settings.
    • Ensure compliance with dietary guidelines and patient preferences.
  • Environment Social Safeguard Specialist:
    • Assess and mitigate environmental and social risks associated with healthcare projects.
    • Development and implementation of safeguard measures to promote sustainability.
  • PFM Associate:
    • Support Public Financial Management (PFM) initiatives.
    • Assist in financial planning, budgeting, and expenditure monitoring.
  • Project Director:
    • Provide strategic and leadership direction projects related to healthcare.
    • Oversee project planning, implementation, and evaluation.
  • Data Management Specialist:
    • Manage healthcare data systems and databases.
    • Ensure compliance with regulations, data accuracy, and security.
  • Procurement Specialist:
    • Lead procurement processes for healthcare supplies and services.
    • Negotiate contracts, ensure cost-effectiveness and assess vendor performance.
  • Communication Specialist:
    • Develop and implement communication strategies.
    • Enhance public awareness and understanding of healthcare initiatives.
  • Procurement Associate:
    • Support procurement activities, including coordination of documentation and vendor.
    • Assist in evaluating bids and proposals.
  • Financial Management Specialist:
    • Manage financial operations and reporting for healthcare projects.
    • Ensure compliance with financial regulations and standards.
  • Output Based Budgeting Consultant:
    • Develop and implement output-based budgeting strategies.
    • Align budgets with project goals and outcomes.
  • Monitoring Evaluation Learning Specialist:
    • Design and implement monitoring and evaluation frameworks.
    • Facilitate learning and knowledge-sharing within the healthcare organization.
  • Quality Management Specialist:
    • Establish and maintain quality management systems in healthcare.
    • Conduct audits and assessments to ensure adherence to quality standards.
  • Healthcare Management Specialist:
    • Provide expertise in healthcare management and administration.
    • Contribute to strategic planning and policy development.


  • All positions are government-based and adhere to the PPS Scale (PPS Scale 01 to PPS Scale 11).
  • Varied qualification criteria apply, including Masters, MBA, CA, ACCA, MBBS, etc.


  1. How can I apply for these jobs?
  2. Is there a specific fee for applying?
    • Yes, a specific fee is required, and the generated challan by the NTS website must be paid.
  3. What is the last date for application submission?
    • The deadline for application submission is 8th Feb, 2024.


How to Apply:

  1. Visit, the electronic platform for applications.
  2. Follow the provided instructions for the respective job position.
  3. Pay the specific fee as generated by the NTS website.


The Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department, Lahore, has announced government based jobs vacant positions across various PPS scales. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply through the NTS electronic platform, following the outlined procedures for a diverse array of healthcare opportunities.

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